We Offer our Clients a Lifetime of Savings & Clean Energy

Zero up-front costs

15% Cheaper Utility Bills

30 Year Guarantees

As an Independent Power Producer (IPP), we install, operate, and maintain solar power plants at your location with zero initial and ongoing investment required from you. We then sell you the electricity coming out of the solar plant cheaper than the national grid.

This way you gain all the benefits of having a solar plant, like cheaper electricity, without any of the risks. You also take one step closer to your Sustainability Development Goals, with zero investment required.


Solar Consultation


System Design


PPA Contract Signature




Operation & Maintenance

SolarizEgypt handles your entire solar journey for you. From studying your loads to recommend the best solar capacity for your business, utilizing the space available to maximize solar output, handling all governmental approvals, installing the solar plant at your business, to even operating and maintaining the solar plant for you.
Our solar production is guaranteed, which means if we do not deliver the promised electricity production, we will reimburse you financially. This to ensure your ease of mind and help you forecast efficiently knowing that you will have guaranteed electricity savings!

Looking for going solar under the EPC model where you buy and own the solar plant, feel free to reach out to our subsidiary The Solar Company that are experts in this model.

Contact us now to see if IPP solar is a good fit for you!