Egypt’s Leading Solar Experts


We are an IPP (Independent Power Producer) certified company that finances, designs, installs and commissions Photovoltaic solar power plants. The first company to apply on-grid PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) in Egypt.

Our dream of blanketing Egypt’s golden deserts with solar panels and unlocking its massive energy potential is still going strong since our beginning in 2013.

What We Do

Zero Capex Model

Our value proposition is to remove all capex expenditures from the offtaker and guarantee opex savings. SolarizEgypt will handle all the financing required for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the solar power plant. Our objective is to sell the electricity generated from the solar plant.

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Guaranteed Electricity Savings

Our electricity production is guaranteed for your ease of mind. This means that we are 100% sure to provide you with what we promised and if for any reason we do not deliver the promised electricity production we reimburse you financially, so under no circumstances will you not get the electricity savings we promised.

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Cutting Edge Technologies

Our capable in house technical team are highly experienced to taylor the most efficient solution to make use of all the available area provided, using the most up to date technologies available.
You are welcome to visit any of our many operating solar plants all over Egypt to see this first hand.

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Our Facts


Yearly Carbon Offsets


Cars Equivelent Offsetted Yearly


Trees planted equivelant


Yearly Electricity Production

22 MWp

Operating Projects


  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Tourism
  • Off Grid

No matter the industry, solar energy is always the right way to go. Our on grid solar power plants will compliment your already existing national grid electricity diversifying your energy mix and making it more sustainable and takes you one step closer to getting your LEED Certificate. Solar energy provides electricity savings, carbon offsets and makes you more competitive when exporting. We make sure to use all of your unused spaces like your roof or any other area you provide

Our agricultural solutions is custom made for your specific crop and your agricultural needs. We have a vast array of solutions ranging from PV-Diesel Hybrid solutions to PV and mechanical storage via water reservoirs to simple solar pumping solutions. We understand that each crop is different in its water needs and we taylor the solution depending on what is needed. Our solar solutions will allow you to reduce costs and guarantee your competitive edge in all markets.

Whether you are a touristic city or a hotel, we are able to compliment your existing national grid electricity with green sustainable energy getting you one step closer to getting your green star. Not only will solar energy help you reach your sustainability goals, but it will also cut your electricity costs as well as atract more environmentally aware guests.

No grid? No problem! Our creative off grid solutions makes sure you get all the electricity you need no matter where you are. We run simulations using PV, Gensets and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) to make sure that the end combination of these is the most efficient and provides the cheapest electricity possible for you.